Erika Arbour-Nevins is a multidisciplinary artist currently located on Vancouver Island, B.C.
Working professionally between photography, photo editing and illustration since 2010, pottery has become her main focus from 2016 onward after taking it on has side project in 2015.

With some playful pieces in the mix, the majority of her work is of functional nature.
Handmade pottery brings people to be more conscious of where their dishes came from, that it has a human touch, and hopefully allows for more thoughtful consumerism, with kinder materials for our environment.
The ultimate goal with the pottery she creates is that the pieces become part of every day life, our daily rituals, gatherings with friends and family, etc.
This carries out a common theme found in her previous works - noticing, exploring and nurturing seemingly insignificant events. These are small connections, the often unnoticed links we tend to create with one another and our surroundings that we ultimately build our lives around.

All pieces are wheel thrown or hand built, glazes are mixed in house as well as the firing of the pieces - by Erika in her Studio.